A chance to pamper your taste buds with finest Slovenian Cuisine

For food enthusiasts, gourmets, and wine lovers Slovenia is holding its largest biannual nationwide culinary event. Restaurant Week, or Teden Restavracij, returned to Slovenia this October, with restaurants across the country participating in this event from 12-21 October.

We’ve prepared a short summary of this delicious week, which will be offering special multi-course gourmet meals prepared by the very best Slovene chefs at a price everyone can afford. All the menus will be available for €18 giving interested visitors the chance to taste Slovene cuisine at its finest.

Entrée: What is Teden Restavracij

To put it simply, Teden Restavracij is a nation-wide event held twice a year, in Spring and Autumn with more than 100 restaurants offering three-course meals for a special price.

The first Restaurant Week in Slovenia took place in 2012 under the initiative of Uroš and Violeta Mencinger, who first introduced this project in Maribor as part of the European Capital of Culture. In their own words »The main idea of  Restaurant Week is excellence, so the basic selection criterion for the event is quality.« The quality of last year’s event was enjoyed by more than 70.000 food lovers from Slovenia and abroad.

Main: Dine and Wine in Primorska

19 restaurants from the Primorska and other western regions of Slovenia await your visit, which means there is plenty to sample: from prosciutto to scampi, from Mediterranean cuisine to modern Istrian masterpieces with a twist, from the Brkini and Karst to the western Gorenjska region.

You  may not find Netflix superstar-chef Ana Roš from Hiša Franko taking part in this event, but there are many other local restaurants, such as Gostilna Kobjeglava, Hiša Krasna (Lokev), Špacapanova hiša in Komen. They are all offering the very finest food from the Karst region. Here is a little spoiler to tempt your taste buds:

  • olives in olive oil, “Piran” salt & herbs from Karst,

  • beef trio: “double soup” with saffron, steak tartaer, pate,

  • green ravioli filled with trout and potatoes, corn cream, radicchio,

  • veal belly (potrebušina), sweet chestnut puree, crunchy (hrustek) apples,

  • summer savory sorbet with gin;

You can see a full visit list by clicking here, Slovene only and make a booking fast, as seats are in high demand.

Desert: it’s really just an entrée

After a delightful meal just remember it was only a foretaste as Slovenia, alongside Portugal’s Coimbra, has been named the European Region of Gastronomy for 2021, with Slovenia and Portugal to preside at an EU ceremony in Brussels on 8 October. No wonder Slovenia has been chosen as it has 24 gastronomic regions, and 365 dishes and drinks hailing from specific regions and towns. Yes, this is one dish a day for a full year!

So we invite you to taste Slovenia and taste Primorska! Bon appétit!  Dober tek!